Vietnam veteran writes book to donate profits


A South Georgia man is sharing his experience serving in the Vietnam War by writing a book.

Warren Robinson talks about not only his time overseas, but how he’s using the profits from his book to serve others. 

“All profits go to Wounded Warrior Project to help younger veterans that are winded, coming back home and needing help,” Robinson said.

He described life in 1969, during the Vietnam War, as challenging. But Robinson gave life to the past in his new book: Remembering Vietnam: A Veteran’s Story. The book was published June 8 and is available on Amazon.

“I’ve had people to tell me that maybe they’ve had a father that served there and he would not talk about his experiences. He kept them bottled up. And that by reading my story they understand more about their father or their grandfather felt during that conflict,” Robinson said.

For one year Robinson was assigned to the U.S. Army First Infantry Division. More than 40 years later, he knew he wanted to share his experiences.

“It’s kind of a release to me,” Robinson said.

Other than sharing a few memories with his wife, no one else knew about the time he spent serving the U.S. 

In February, he turned to writing.

“At times it was very difficult for me to remember and put accounts down onto paper.”

He hoped his finished product will inspire his fellow Americans.

“I was so impressed and I learned so many lessons and was so motivated that I knew that when I came back that I wanted to improve my life and try to improve the lives of people in my community,” Robinson said. 

Robinson’s goal is to reach $5,000 dollars in profits from his book, to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

The Lenox Civic Center is scheduled to host a book signing on July 30 from 3-5 p.m. 

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Marco’s Pizza opens new location in Moultrie

Marco's employee serves customer free pizza for grand opening (Source: WALB)Marco’s employee serves customer free pizza for grand opening (Source: WALB)

More than one thousand people got free pizza Sunday to celebrate a new business.

That’s about 300 pizzas. Marco’s Pizza celebrated its grand opening in Moultrie this afternoon. 

It’s been open since late May, but today was the official welcome. 

Shift leader Megan Lewis had been working there since 9 AM to prepare for events. 

She says Marco’s management is what keeps her going.

“I am most excited about the opportunities that it has presented to me in the future because we have great bosses. And they want to see us excel in the future,” said Lewis.

The owner of the complex where Marco’s Pizza is located said next to be built is a bowling alley coming in 2018. It will be right next door to the pizza chain.

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Motorcycle safety course

Students practice riding (Source: WALB)Students practice riding (Source: WALB)

Motorcyclists revved their engines Sunday, getting ready to hit the roads as safely as possible.

Tifton Harley-Davidson hosted the last day of its new rider course for 12 soon-to-be riders. 

The new students learned in a classroom for two days, before coming out to practice riding, turning, and braking. 

Motorcycle Instructor Bart Williams treks up from Thomasville to teach the new riders.

He’s been an instructor for 17 years and wants these students to be safe on the road.

“We do give motorcyclists who try to abuse their privilege. And because of those they sometimes give cycling a bad name,” said Williams.

Williams says drivers should stay calm around motorcyclists, but they can be closer than they appear.

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Citizen shoots suspect fleeing scene of accident

Marcus Allen Pitts | Newton County Sheriff's OfficeMarcus Allen Pitts | Newton County Sheriff’s Office

A citizen accused of shooting a man who fled the scene of an accident in Covington has been arrested and is expected in court Monday morning.

Marcus Allen Pitts was charged with aggravated assault and is being held in the Newton County Detention Center.

According to investigators, officers responded to the area of Church Street and Monticello Street in an attempt to locate a white SUV that was reported to be driving reckless.

Before officers could catch up with the SUV, it crashed into another vehicle at Pace Street and Highway 278.

After the crash, the driver of the SUV got out of the vehicle and ran away from the crash. The driver was later identified as Terence Lee Lennox.

Pitts was driving a truck when he followed Lennox and blocked him with his vehicle. He then fired a handgun at the suspect, striking him in the neck.

Lennox is being treated at Grady Memorial Hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

Although witnesses on the scene called Pitts and good Samaritan, CBS46 legal analyst Vincent Hill disagrees.

“I actually consider him someone who attempted to kill someone,” said Hill. “I don’t see how he can say he was justified or anyone can say he was justified. “A, they don’t know the circumstances. They don’t know the person that they’re chasing is armed. Anytime you cross that line from citizen to police you’re putting yourself in danger. Police are trained to use deadly force and trained when to use deadly force. Obviously, this guy had no training or he wouldn’t have done what he did. The minute you try to use deadly force when your life is not in danger or someone else’s life is not in danger you’ve crossed that line from good Samaritan to criminal.”

Pitts is expected to go before a judge on Monday.

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